May 29

Free Public Talk- Modern Buddhism

Inspiring solutions for difficult times.. This free public talk is based from the book Modern Buddhism...[more information]

June 2- 3

Meditations for a Happy Life

Based on Advice from Atisha's Heart, enjoy 2 days of teachings and guided meditations on...[more information]


meditation course

June 17

How to Meditate

Meditation gives us peace of mind, harmonious relationships and a meaningful life. This popular...[more information]

how to meditate course

meditation course

July 8

Purify Your Mind

With these purification techniques taught by Buddha, we can free our mind from the burden of negativities...[ more information soon!]

meditation course

Sept 7- 11

Meditation Retreat in Bali

Escape the busyness to the clear air and natural beauty of Bali. Experience a short meditation retreat that will relax...[more information]

meditation retreat