Teachings and meditations from the book, “Modern Buddhism” by Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche.

Buddha taught that the mind has the power to create all pleasant and unpleasant objects. The world is the result of the karma, or actions, of the beings who inhabit it. A pure world is the result of pure actions and an impure world is the result of impure actions. By applying the instructions given in this book, we can improve our human nature and qualities through developing the capacity of our mind. In so doing, temporarily we can solve our daily problems; and ultimately we can become truly happy and free from suffering.


Mental peace - Source of happiness
2 Sep - What's choking my happiness?

Stepping away from unhappiness

9 Sep – You first, then me

16 Sep – Stillness and happiness

23 Sep – Turn on the light


What we should attain

14 Oct – Supreme permanent peace

21 Oct – Let go. Be happy

04 Nov – Unconditionally happy


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About the Classes

Buddhist meditation is extensive and by enrolling for a course you will learn basic breathing meditation and gain insight into how to meditate on a particular topic.

All the topics are presented in a practical way so that you can understand how to use the knowledge gained in meditation to help improve your state of mind and quality of life.

The methods taught are based on Buddha’s teachings on the mind but can be practised by anyone, Buddhist or not.

There are no physical exercises or special postures involved. Participants sit on chairs to meditate.

These classes are suitable for all levels of experience and everyone is welcome.

Course Teacher

Winson Ang

Winson Ang is a senior teacher at Kadampa Meditation Centre Singapore who is admired for his joyful and easy-to-understand teachings of Buddhism.

Winson’s light-hearted approach and his practical examples on how to apply Dharma to our daily life have helped many people understand how meditation is relevant to their own life.