Blessing Empowerment of Buddha Amitayus – Increasing Lifespan and Good Fortune

Buddha Amitayus

Buddha Amitayus


You can attend any part of this weekend course.

Full Weekend - Sat & Sun (include lunch)

Fee $90 per person

Day 1 - Saturday only (include lunch)

Fee $60 per person

Day  2 - Sunday only (include lunch)

Fee $40 per person


23 & 24 February [Weekend]

with Resident Teacher Gen Kelsang Drolkyi

Everyone is welcome to this auspicious event and start to the lunar New Year

Our human life is our most precious possession because it gives us the opportunity to improve ourselves and attain the supreme happiness of Enlightenment. Therefore, we need a long and healthy life. 

In this special weekend event, join us to receive the blessings of Buddha Amitayus-  the Buddha of long life, merit, and wisdom. Through receiving the empowerment of this Buddha and engaging in his practice, we can gather these essential attainments which we need if we are to complete the path to enlightenment.

The empowerment is a guided meditation through which we make a special connection with Buddha Amitayus, it will be followed by teachings and a retreat, where we can learn to increase our own life span, wisdom, and merit. We can also use this practice to help remove obstacles endangering the lives of others, especially our close friends and family. 


On Saturday we will receive the empowerment and teachings on the self generation practice of Buddha Amitayus


On this day we will be guided in meditations on the practice. This will enable us to gain familiarity with the self-generation practice as well as create special causes for a long life and great good fortune.

Saturday 23 February

10.30am - 12.30pm: Blessing Empowerment of Buddha Amitayus

12.30pm - 2pm: Lunch

2pm-3.30pm: Teaching- The Self Generation Practice of Buddha Amitayus

4pm - 5pm: Guided Meditation

Sunday 24 February

10:00am - 11.30am: Guided Retreat Session 1

12.00 - 1.30pm:Guided Retreat Session 2

1.30pm - 3.00pm: Lunch

3.00pm- 4.30pm:Guided Retreat Session 3 and distribution of longlife substances