Centre Cherishing Days

Joining in with spreading the Dharma is an attitude of mind that thinks “Because I love all living beings, my mothers, I will do whatever I can do to help my Centre to flourish so that I can benefit all living beings through bringing them the practice of pure Kadam Dharma which is the only way we can solve our human problems”

Our Dharma Centre is therefore for us a wish-fulfilling jewel from which we can receive immeasurable merit. By helping in whatever way we can we are directly and indirectly benefiting all living beings because our Centre is dedicated for that purpose.

Centre Cherishing Days are a great way to practically help all living beings.

Thinking of what we can do to give in any way to our Centre is indirectly giving benefit to countless living beings.  How wonderful!

Please contact us at Tel. 6438 1127 or email  info@nkt-kmc-singapore.org if you would like to come and help….or just come along any time!