Sunday Course – Conquer Cravings

Enjoy your Sunday with a difference at Kadampa Meditation Centre Singapore. This course is designed to give you time to learn about meditation and Buddhism as well as time to relax and gain a sense of contentment and well being that comes from practicing meditation.

There are four sessions which includes teaching and guided meditations with complimentary refreshments and snacks provided in one of the breaks.

09 February  |  10am - 2pm

Ever wondered why although we know what is good for us, we still end up indulging in things and actions that cause problems or unhealthy habits in the end?
We have all heard and read about meditation, eating well, resting well, having a healthy body and mind. And yet very often still feel the need to detox or ‘reset our life’ especially when it gets overwhelming. This shows that there is a gap between what we intellectually know and what we are doing on a day to day basis.

Is there a real way to genuine happiness so that we don’t have to indulge in our cravings as a source of temporary relief? What is the long lasting method to help us stick to a good plan?

In this meditation course, we will look deeper into the nature of our cravings and guide us towards understanding the way out of our attachments, towards a lasting blissful mind. 

This Sunday course is beginner friendly and is open for everyone.
** UPDATE**  
(due to un-forseen circumstances, Gen Rabten is unable to teach this course. We apologize for the late changes.)
Course Teacher: Poh Sin Yin
Poh Sin Yin is a practitioner of Kadampa Buddhism for many years. She has great experience of how to use meditation to improve the quality of daily life and her teachings are practical and light-hearted.




10am - 11am: Teaching #1

11.15 -11.45am:  Guided Meditation

[ Refreshment Break ]

12.15pm - 1.15pm: Teaching #2

1.30pm - 2pm:  Guided Meditation & Discussion

Course Fee $38

(or you can pay cash/ PayNow upon arrival)

* Seats and cushions are provided. Please wear something comfortable and do arrive early to register. *