Day Course – with visiting teacher Gen Kelsang Rabten

Saturday 22 June  | 10 am - 4.30pm

A wonderful opportunity to receive teachings and guided meditations from internationally reknowned Buddhist teacher Gen Kelsang Rabten.

Sometimes our life can feel stuck in a repetitive cycle.  As a result, we can feel limited and uninspired and not living life to it’s fullest potential.

Buddha’s teachings on wisdom and karma, however, gives us a vibrant sense of possibility. We can change! Not just a little, but to an extraordinary degree. We can transcend those false limitations and develop the wisdom and skill to create the life we have always wanted.  Join us for this special day.

Everybody Welcome!

Gen Kelsang Rabten is the National Spiritual Director for Kadampa Buddhism in South East Asia and Australia, New Zealand. He has trained under the guidance of Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso for more than twenty-five years. His teachings are clear and compassionate, and he exemplifies the essence of the modern Buddhist way of life, inspiring many people to embark on this meaningful path. We are delighted that he has accepted our invitation to teach this course in Singapore.


10 am - 11.30am:  Introduction and Teaching #1

11.45am - 12.30pm:  Guided Meditation

12.30pm - 2pm:  Lunch

2pm - 3.30pm:  Teaching #2

3.45pm - 4.30pm: Guided Meditation & Dedication

Course fee $50 (includes Vegetarian Lunch)

or you can pay cash/ PayNow upon arrival)

* Seats and cushions are provided. Please wear something comfortable and do arrive early to register. *