Lamrim Retreat: Leading a spiritual life in the modern world

19- 20 January (Saturday & Sunday)

A weekend to focus on learning meditations that transform our ordinary life into a spiritual one. Sometimes it seems impossible to develop an authentic spiritual life with so many distractions and so much busyness. By learning to meditate on the stages of the path to enlightenment in a practical way we can understand and experience for ourselves the real happiness and benefit to our life that an authentic spiritual practice can bring us.

This meditation weekend will teach 8 meditations that can start your experience of a new life! You can attend one or both days, but for beginners please be aware that an explanation of the basics will only be given on Saturday 9 am class.

Between classes, you can relax and have time for reading in our cafe. You can also choose to be silent for the day and even hand over your cell phone!



Session #1:  9am – 10.15am

Session #2: 10.45am – 12noon

Refreshments and snacks

Session #3: 1pm -2.15pm

Session #4: 2.45pm – 4pm


Course Fee:

$60 for the whole weekend; $38 per day.

** Or you can come in early and pay cash/ transfer via PayNow