Jan 17, 24, 31

There is nothing more precious than our human life. As a human being, we have immense freedom to accomplish almost anything we want. We can ask our self what is the best way to use our life. What will make us truly happy? What will benefit others the most? And when this life is over what will help us then?
On this one-off 3 week course we will explore the answers to these questions based on the text 'Living Meaningfully, Dying Joyfully'. In essence, this means learning special techniques to eliminate negative states of mind and cultivate positive states of mind. By making this our priority we will enjoy a happy, peaceful life, we shall naturally benefit others and by applying these methods at the time of our death we can die joyfully and transcend all fears.



BOOK SINGLE CLASS AT STANDARD RATE $15 per person (pay cash on arrival)



About the Classes

Buddhist meditation is extensive and by enrolling for a course you will learn basic breathing meditation and gain insight into how to meditate on a particular topic.

All the topics are presented in a practical way so that you can understand how to use the knowledge gained in meditation to help improve your state of mind and quality of life.

The methods taught are based on Buddha’s teachings on the mind but can be practised by anyone, Buddhist or not.

There are no physical exercises or special postures involved. Participants sit on chairs to meditate.

These classes are suitable for all levels of experience and everyone is welcome.


Course Teacher

Kelsang Tharlam

Kelsang Tharlam is an ordained Buddhist nun from England and she has been in this tradition for many years. She recently completed an Intensive Resident Teacher Training Programme in UK and have just moved to Singapore.

She brings much joy and lightness in her love for sharing Buddha's teachings.