Sunday Course – Power of Prayer

Creating perfect conditions to improve your meditations

meditation course

Sunday 2 December


Ever wondered about the meaning behind our Prayers for Meditation? Or want to know how does engaging in prayers help us in our meditation practice?

Buddha taught these preliminary practices to enable us to create the mental environment in which our meditation practice will be successful. These practices are contained within Buddhist prayers which can be done at the beginning of each meditation session and if we do these prayers sincerely with understanding, we will find our mind positively transformed and becomes more uplifted.

This course will explain the meaning of ‘Prayers for Meditation’ including:

  • Understanding how having a good preliminary practice can build a stable and solid foundation
  • Setting a positive motivation
  • How to visualise Buddha
  • Making offerings, prostrations and request
  • Transforming our mind through receiving blessings


**This course is suitable for beginners as well as those who have been coming to our meditation classes and would like to deepen their daily meditation practice.**



10am – 11am- Introduction and teaching #1 with guided meditation

11am – 11.45am- Refreshment break

11.45am – 12.45pm – Teaching#2 with guided meditation

1pm – 2pm- Teaching#3 with guided meditation

There is opportunity to ask questions throughout the day.

Course Fee $38