Chanted Prayers

If you enjoy meditating with others, chanted meditations are a great opportunity for you to engage in group meditation.

These chanted meditations are also known in Sanskrit as “puja”, meaning “offering ceremony”, or as “sadhanas”, which means “methods for accomplishing attainments”.

Using ancient prayers translated into English and Mandarin, we receive the blessings, protection and guidance of the holy beings. We can make requests for ourselves or for others who need help or protection.

These spiritual practices create a strong connection with the Buddhas, and help us purify our negativity and fill our mind with positive, healing energy.

Chanted prayers held at Kadampa Meditation Centre Singapore.

Prayers to the Buddha of Compassion
Green Tara – Liberation from Sorrow
Wishfulfilling Jewel prayers to the Wisdom Protector
Offering to the Spiritual Guide
Melodious Drum Victorious in all Directions
Quick Path to Great Bliss
Powa Ceremony – transference of consciousness for the deceased
A Pure Life – taking the eight Mahayana Precepts
Sojong Ceremony (for ordained)