• Seating: Chairs & floor cushions available
  • No dress code, wear something that's comfortable for you

Refresh & Revive, 30-minute lunch time class

Tuesdays and Thursdays: 12.30pm - 1pm

Take a 30 minutes break over lunch to relax and refresh your mind. By letting go of the busyness of our day in meditation we can return our mind to its natural peaceful state. In this way we can go back to our afternoon with a peaceful, happy and fresh mind.

Suitable for meditators of all levels, each class is self-contained so you attend at any time.

Everybody Welcome!

Note: These classes are available in-person + live-streamed.


Fee $5


What to expect in a class?

  • 30 min class
  • 5 min Liberating Prayer
  • 5 min Introduction
  • 20 min Guided Meditation


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