Tara Chanting for New Year 2019

Twenty Four Hour Prayers to Arya Tara

31 Dec 2018 –  1 Jan 2019

TaraJoin us in our chanted prayers to Arya Tara, a female Buddha who promised to permanently liberate all beings from suffering. Through engaging in this special practice we will receive her blessings and protection from all obstacles. We can engage in this practice for the benefit of our self and others. This event is performed in six sessions over twenty-four hours through the day and night.  Everyone is welcome to join us and begin their new year with this beautiful and auspicious practice.

Session Times

31 December 2018

7.30pm & 11.30pm

1 January 2019

3.30am, 7.30am, 11.30am & 3.30pm



Free Event. Donations are welcomed.

Please email info@nkt-kmc-singapore.org in advance if you would like to sleep in the meditation hall between sessions after midnight. You can bring your own blanket and/or sleeping bag.