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Love is the real nuclear bomb

July 5, 12, 19

Our problems, including our enemies, come from our delusions; primarily anger, attachment and ignorance. By developing and improving special recognitions that are explained in Buddha's teachings, such as the mind of love, we can solve our human problems.

Love is a mind that wishes for others to be happy. If everybody practice love, all enemies would disappear. There will be no more enemies. Therefore, love is the real nuclear bomb that destroys all enemies.

This series of meditation classes introduces a realistic and practical approach to develop a mind of love to help us with our daily problems.


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Developing Mental Strength and Clarity

Aug 16, 23 & 30

We would all like to have a clear and happy mind that allows us to experience life in a positive way - so why is it sometimes difficult to do?

Buddhist teaching explains that even though there is a lot of material progress and technological development in the world, an endless pursuit of happiness from external things and a heavy reliance on external stimulation has left us with little room in our mind to experience real peace and clarity.

On this course we learn how to

  • Simplify our life, our needs and our responsibilities.

  • Practise simple daily meditation.

  • Understand which minds drive us to complicate things.

  • Adopt a healthier mindset.

By making these changes our mind will naturally become clear and strong and we will gradually find a clear direction in life.



BOOK SINGLE CLASS AT STANDARD RATE $12 per person (pay cash on arrival)

YOU CAN ALSO DROP-IN  $12 per person (pay cash on arrival)




About the Classes

Buddhist meditation is extensive and by enrolling for a course you will learn basic breathing meditation and gain insight into how to meditate on a particular topic.

All the topics are presented in a practical way so that you can understand how to use the knowledge gained in meditation to help improve your state of mind and quality of life.

The methods taught are based on Buddha’s teachings on the mind but can be practised by anyone, Buddhist or not.

There are no physical exercises or special postures involved. Participants sit on chairs to meditate.

These classes are suitable for all levels of experience and everyone is welcome.


Course Teacher

Boey Yew Tung

Yew Tung is a sincere Kadampa practitioner for over a decade and have been studying on the Teacher Training Programme for many years. His teaching is clear and concise and draws deeply from his personal experience and understanding of Buddha's teachings.