Vajrasattva Purification Retreat

Vajrasattva is the Buddha of purification. When we develop a basic understanding of the laws of karma, we begin to avoid negative actions and naturally wish to remove the seeds of sufferings planted by our past negative actions. During this retreat, we have the opportunity to engage in the powerful purification practices of Buddha Vajrasattva (with the four opponent powers ) and in this way, we can remove the inner causes of our problems and sufferings, and create the cause for peace and happiness.

“The meditation and recitation practice of Vajrasattva is the method by which we can purify our negativities.” —Geshe Kelsang Gyato

** This is not a guided retreat. **



Session 1: 8am - 9.30am
Session 2: 10am - 11.30am
[Lunch break]
Session 3: 12.30pm - 2pm


($7 per session; $20 per day. Register and pay upon arrival)

(FOC for TTP students- attendance is part of TTP commitments)