Where are you going with your life?

To answer this question we need to understand our intentions and where they are leading us.

In Joyful Path of Good Fortune Geshe Kelsang Gyatso gives the following story. On one occasion Ashvagosha and Aryadeva were about to have a debate. Ashvagosha was standing on the threshold of a room with one foot inside and one foot outside. To test Aryadeva’s wisdom he said “Am I going out or coming in?” Aryadeva replied “That depends upon your intention. if you want to go out, you will go out. If you want to come in, you will come in.” Ashvagosha could think of nothing to say to this because what Aryadeva said was perfectly correct. If we desire good things we shall perform virtuous actions and if we develop harmful things, we shall perform harmful actions.

Geshe Kelsang later explains that amongst the most valuable advice we can receive is to develop a good intention and to maintain it at all times.

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